Charlie Murphy (Wikipedia) passed last April after a courageous battle with Leukemia.
To be honest, it took me by surprise. Like many, I was introduced to his talent through the Dave Chapelle show. The day after, I woke up and found a scrap piece of paper to attempt the portrait.
The original piece is 6"x5.25", conté on black paper (this is the Conté that I used).
I don't think I did his likeness any justice, but nonetheless it was a cathartic experience, as well as being just good practice. This is the reference I used.
While I was drawing, I had some music and Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories playing.
Thanks Charlie, for the laughs, and for sharing your incredible talent with the world. Not too many of us get to do that.
The last thing he ever shared with the world on Twitter was this message:
Just something to ruminate on.
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